Opal Multiplex IHC Assay Development Guide

Multiple Tissue Biomarkers in Context

The Opal™ Multiplex IHC kits make multiplex results accessible to anyone who works with standard immunohistochemistry. With Opal, you can select antibodies for simultaneous IHC detection based on performance rather than species. And Opal kits are optimized for reliable spectral unmixing and simultaneous measurement of three to six IHC targets, plus a nuclear stain. 

Opal enables you to:

  • Use the best primary antibodies, regardless of species – with no cross-reactivity
  • Identify multiple cell phenotypes while retaining spatial and morphological context that is lost with bulk measurements and flow cytometry
  • Get more information from precious and scarce samples

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Opal is is a part of PerkinElmer’s Phenoptics™ Research Solution for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. Our comprehensive, end-to-end cancer research solution includes advanced staining methods, multispectral imaging systems, image analysis software and contract research services, that enable researchers to fully characterize immune cells and tumor cells in situ within tissue, allowing visualization and analysis of the complex cellular interactions within the tumor microenvironment.

Download Opal Protocol Guide


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