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May 2019 Monthly Update -
What’s New

This release of Signals Notebook adds configurable tables capabilities by allowing administrators to define their own tables. We also provided administrators the ability to define date and external hyperlink fields in System Templates as well as having added an alternate autonumbering method whereby numbers are globally sequential.

The following are available for users of Signals Notebook Standard or Signals Notebook Private Cloud
  • Tables
  • Administrator can define new Table Templates
  • End users can add Tables to experiments
  • Administrative updates
  • Date, external hyperlink fields for System Templates
  • Global autonumbering
We also fixed several small bugs in this release. Details of the enhancements are described below.

Further Details
The following capabilities are only available to users and administrators of Signals Notebook Standard or Private Cloud and are unavailable as part of Signals Notebook Individual Edition.

Administrative Updates
Administrators can now add date and external hyperlink fields to System Templates. Like other fields, such as Attribute fields, these can be set as being Required or Optional. The fields are part of the metadata of an Experiment or Notebook.
Materials Management Updates

We also added an alternative numbering option to allow autonumbering to occur sequentially across the whole system rather than within a notebook. With this option enabled, the administrator can advance the number sequence but cannot return to a lower number. This provides a method to guarantee unique experiment names.
E-Notebook Archive Updates

Administrators can now define Tables to be added to Experiments. Each Table is defined using a Table Template and the administrator can define the column names, property types and if the column is hidden by default, always shown, or if any user entered value are removed when an experiment is copied. The Admin can also define Sharing to control which users are able to add such Tables into their Experiments.
E-Notebook Archive Updates

Once the Table is defined the User can add the Tables into their experiments by choosing from the available Table types.
E-Notebook Archive Updates
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