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March 2019 Monthly Update -
What’s New
This release of Signals Notebook supplements our Materials Management capability with bulk import and export capabilities, adds an additional library for Primers and a new field type (external hyperlink). We have also included text type fields into our free text searching.

The following are available for users of Signals Notebook Standard, Signals Notebook Individual Edition and Signals Notebook Private Cloud
  • Search updates
  • Text fields included in free text searching
The following are available for users of Signals Notebook Standard or Signals Notebook Private Cloud
  • Materials Management (limited release to select customers)
  • Bulk upload
  • Select and bulk download
  • Primers library
  • Molecular Formula added to Compounds library
  • Example policies added
  • “External Hyperlink” field type added
We have also fixed several small bugs in this release. Details of the enhancements are described below.

Further Details

Search Updates
Our highly powerful search engine has been extended to now include free text searching of fielded properties of type Text. These properties, which are available via the specific filters in Advanced Search and come from metadata or other tabular content, are now included in free text searching via both the QuickFind and Advanced Search windows. Numerical, date and user type fields are excluded.
Chemistry Updates: Salts & Solvates

Materials Management Updates
The following capabilities are only available to users and administrators of Signals Notebook Standard or Private Cloud and are unavailable as part of Signals Notebook Individual Edition.

Items can now be loaded in bulk to the library via SDFile (Compounds) or csv. A field mapping workflow allows the end user to map expected fields from the source file to the destination fields. Reports on the success of the bulk import are provided to the user including the ability to download a file of any failed items.
User Interface Updates
User Interface Updates
User Interface Updates

Items already in the library can be selected and exported in bulk (sd file for Compounds, or csv).
User Interface Updates

A new Library type has been added for Primers. This Library type can be configured and activated by the administrator.
Search Updates

A “External Hyperlink” field type has been enabled to be added at both Asset and Lot levels.
Search Updates

An additional calculated field, Molecular Formula, has been added to the Compounds library. This field is only added to newly added Compounds.
Administrative Updates

Example security policies for Materials Libraries have also been added to the Security Policy for system administrators.
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