Meet Our New Clarus GC

Our new Clarus 590® and 690 GC systems deliver greater sensitivity, capacity and throughput – AND added flexibility to handle more. Combined with the proven and powerful functionality you’ve come to rely on, you can count on better GC performance for the most critical applications – yours.

Please fill in the form and download the brochure to see how the Clarus GC system enables better GC performance in your lab – for all of your applications.

Brochure Highlights
  • Better characterization, and fewer reruns with a wide-range flame ionization detector (FID)
  • Lower reporting limits and improved inertness with our high performance capillary injector
  • Patented high performance oven allows you to run more samples each day
  • Most versatile TurboMatrix™ headspace and thermal desorption sample-handling options, including the new MultiPrep Autosampler
  • Easy integration to our mass spec detector and TGA

Clarus 590/690 Brochure