Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

Thank you for your interest in our new Spectrum Two N™ FT-NIR Spectrometer.

The Spectrum Two N is a high-performance, yet robust and transportable FT-NIR system platform enabling simple, reliable NIR analyses. It’s the perfect system for labs that need to combine high-end performance with the ease-of-use features of a portable instrument, allowing users with different levels of expertise, from novice to seasoned professionals, to be proficient with it in no time.

From field to lab to the loading dock, it’s the perfect system for NIR materials testing.
  • High-end performance with ease-of-use features of a portable instrument
  • Near-Infrared Reflectance Module for fast, simple measurements
  • Heatable Transmission Module for liquids and oils
  • Remote Sampling Module with trigger-based probe for error-free operation, no sample prep and no need to open packaging
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Product Information

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