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There are myriad of complexities associated with food analysis from a regulatory perspective. Globally, the demand for food products is on an exponential rise. As the demand increases, the need for supply also goes up, so would the emphasis on a quality driven approach. Our ‘Analytical solutions for Food safety’ takes you through a gamut of food oriented applications we have developed over the years. We have a repertoire of solutions that go hand in hand with the Food regulatory guidelines helping you achieve the much needed sensitivity, speed and precision.

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  • Food testing matrix – Analytical perspective
  • Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry 
  •  Atomic Spectroscopy 
  •  Molecular Spectroscopy 
  •  Thermal Analysis  
  • 5 tips to improving sample digestion 
  •  Analytical solutions for agro food industries 
  •  Complete analysis solutions for milk and dairy products
  • Food and feed safety diagnostic assay kits
  • Consumables and accessories 
  •  Informatics solutions for food analysis  

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