Technical Note: Opera Phenix HCS System - Improved Speed

The number of high-content screens being run each year continues to increase, however a large number of screens are not as “high-content” as they could be, relying on only 1-2 image-based features, rather than multi-parametric analysis of complex phenotypes that are more closely linked to disease states, perhaps because of limitations in hardware or the lack of suitable analysis software.

The Opera Phenix™ high-content Screening System’s state of the art hardware combined with Harmony® imaging and analysis software, improves acquisition and analysis speed, enabling users to perform highly multi-parametric phenotypic screens effectively.

Summary of Technical Note
In this technical note, learn how, compared to a classical spinning disc confocal system:
  • The Opera Phenix system’s Synchrony™ Optics and sCMOS cameras image up to 6x faster
  • Water immersion objectives combined with binning can reduce exposure time by approx. 20-fold
  • Image acquisition and analysis time can be reduced by >70%

Opera Phenix HCS System - Improved Speed