Take High-Throughput Optical / X-ray Imaging To The Next Level

Get more robust in vivo imaging data faster with the IVIS Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumina X5 and unique accessories for improved workflow

Introducing two NEW systems to the IVIS® Lumina preclinical in vivo imaging instrument family, the IVIS Lumina S5 and the Lumina X5. The IVIS Lumina S5 2D optical imaging system combines high sensitivity optical (bioluminescence and fluorescence) and patented spectral unmixing capabilities in a high throughput system. The IVIS Lumina X5 has all the features of the S5 with integrated high-resolution x-ray. With an expanded 5 mouse field of view (FOV) for optical imaging plus our unique line of accessories to accelerate setup, it has never been easier or faster to get the answers you need on anatomical and molecular aspects of disease.

Features include:
  • Expanded 5 mouse FOV for simultaneous image capture increasing throughput
  • High-resolution, low-dose X-ray with optical overlay (IVIS Lumina X5 only)
  • Compute Pure Spectrum (CPS) spectral unmixing
  • Full fluorescence tunability through the NIR spectrum
  • Unique accessories including Smart Trays for animal posing and queueing on the benchtop
  • Software tools to simplify labeling and tracking of animals throughout the study
  • Compact design that fits on your benchtop, saving valuable bench space

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

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