WEBINAR: Less is More: Using microCT Imaging to Assess Bone Loss in Preclinical Models

In this webinar, Dr. De Lille highlighted recent research in the field of bone loss. The ability of microCT scanning to monitor disease longitudinally, to detect fine bone architecture change and to differentiate treatment efficacy, will be discussed. Simply detecting bone loss however is not enough. Quantification of bone changes can be time-consuming and user-dependent. PerkinElmer’s AccuCT software allows for automated bone identification, segmentation and analysis, thus increasing throughput and accuracy while illuminating advanced bone parameter insight. The Quantum microCT scanner and AccuCT advanced bone analysis software are enabling exciting research developments in applications where bone loss is observed.

What you will learn:
Novel methods for quantitative imaging of bone loss in animal models
The power of low dose, fast, longitudinal in vivo and, high resolution ex vivo bone imaging with the high-speed Quantum GX microCT system
How AccuCT advanced bone software can easily and efficiently segment bones and quantitate bone parameters, significantly increasing analysis throughput

Alexandra De Lille, Ph.D.

Director of In Vivo Imaging Applications, PerkinElmer

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Original Broadcast Date:
29 September 2017

Duration: 00:37:48