Could nanocarrier delivery of chemotherapy be used to provide a synergistic immunotherapy response in pancreatic cancer?

Read this featured publication titled ‘Nano-enabled Pancreas Cancer Immunotherapy Using Immunogenic Cell Death and Reversing Immunosuppression’ to see how

Nanocarrier delivery of chemotherapy can result in improved survival for patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). However, survival could potentially be increased with the additional engagement of the patient’s immune system. This featured publication investigates the use of nanocarriers to not only deliver targeted chemotherapy but also induce an immune response to achieve anti-PDAC immunity in preclinical mouse models.

This Publication Highlights
  • The use of immuno-PET imaging for early assessment of immunotherapy success
  • Utilizing the G8  PET/CT system to validate tumor-infiltration and activation of CD8+T-cells
  • Accessing the effectiveness of nanovesicles plus chemotherapeutic agent to induce effective anti-PDAC immunity

Featured Publication