ChemDraw Innovation Challenge

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What would you add to ChemDraw to help you do better science?

The ChemDraw Innovation Challenge - a forum designed to encourage and inspire ChemDraw users and the greater chemistry community to help shape ChemDraw of the Future!

For the past 30 years, ChemDraw has been known around globe as the premier chemical drawing tool for chemists and biologists alike. While each version has brought more powerful features (many of which came from feedback from our passionate user base), we’ve all had that moment where we wanted ChemDraw to do [X]. We want to hear your ideas, suggestions for new features, new third-party applications we should integrate and more. The sky's the limit - big or small, all ideas are welcome!

Some ideas shared so far include:

  • Biomolecular (HELM Notation) Support in ChemDraw
  • View Chemical 3D structures online in ChemDraw Cloud
  • Allow ChemDraw to work with GoogleDocs
Even if you don’t have an idea at the moment, you can also participate by sharing feedback or voting on others submissions. Winning ideas will be brought into development & added to future ChemDraw releases! Don’t miss the opportunity to earn your place in the “ChemDraw Hall of Fame”.

What are you waiting for?
The Future of ChemDraw is yours to Inspire!

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