e-book: High-Content Analysis: Advancing Your Knowledge to Help Combat Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases remain a major burden to human health. The increased globalization of modern society that facilitates the spread of infectious diseases, and phenomena such as anti-microbial resistance, underscore the importance of the development of new preventative and therapeutic approaches.

In our e-book, learn how high-content imaging and analysis plays a significant role in infectious disease research.

Summary of e-book contents
  • Learn how high-content imaging and analysis enable high-throughput functional and phenotypic assays that can be adapted to a wide range of pathogens.
  • Read a series of Featured Publication Notes describing the contribution of high-content analysis in the study of diseases such as ebola, zika, tuberculosis, listeria and malaria.
  • Find examples of studies in which a high-content approach has been used in parasitic, viral and bacterial disease research.