Introducing the solution that gives you more of what you value most in a pesticide analyzer.

A global food supply, increased risks from pesticide residues, stringent global regulatory requirements: These pressures and more are ensuring your lab’s pesticide analysis workload grows larger and more complex all the time.

But with our QSight™ Pesticide Analyzer, you can meet these challenges head-on.

Based on the QSight triple quad and Altus® UPLC®, the QSight Pesticide Analyzer requires no shut-down for cleaning or maintenance, which means 15% more uptime, or up to 35 days per year for even more sample analysis.

What’s more, you benefit from:
  • A complete line of QuEChERS extraction and cleanup solutions
  • QSight LC/MS/MS technology that helps your lab meet FSA, EFSA, FSMA standards
  • Modular Simplicity™ 3Q software, delivering intuitive operation from method development to analysis to reporting
  • Global, application-specific service and support from a team of experts that knows pesticideanalysis, inside and out

All this, while providing the most high-sensitivity solution on the market.

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