Emerging Applications in Preclinical microCT Imaging

On Demand Webinar

Preclinical microCT imaging systems are utilized across a wide range of applications requiring imaging of small anatomical structures,such as vessels and bones. MicroCT offers superior spatial resolution compared to many other imaging modalities. Recent research incorporates microCT data with optical and nuclear data to generate multimodality datasets, increasing the understanding of disease and its progression.

In this on demand webinar, Dr. Rochefort discussed his team’s efforts in expanding the utilization of microCT imaging beyond typical preclinical models. Through the use of vascular contrast agents, increased investigations in many soft tissue organs are now feasible. Applications in stem cells in an angiogenesis model and genetic models were also discussed. Dr. Damoci’s research has focused on the field of oncology, and discussed recent findings in pancreatic and other cancers.


Christopher Damoci,
Senior Staff officer, Imaging Scientist, Manager Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource, Columbia University, NYC

Gael Rochefort, PhD
Professor, Dental School,
Paris Descartes University

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Original Broadcast Date:
24 August 2016

Duration: 00:56:28