Supporting Materials Science Program

Supporting Materials Science Program

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Advanced materials are changing the world and new materials are driving much of the change. Materials Science provides the foundation for discovery and commercialization in areas such as nanoscience, alternative and renewable energy programs, high performance composites and many more.

PerkinElmer is committed to supporting discovery and advancements in MaterialsScience programs. Whether you are teaching the next generation of scientists or doing applied or fundamental research & development, PerkinElmer’s Supporting Materials Science Program can help fund your laboratory.

Maximize your Investment
DSC 8500 Thermal Analysis Solutions and Beyond
Our line of high-performance DSC solutions enables you to see more than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re performing QA/QC applications, studying processes in polymers or pharmaceuticals, or developing the cures of tomorrow, our DSC platforms will open your eyes to a world of exciting new products. The DSC 8500 features second-generation HyperDSC® technology.
TGA 8000™ Better Characterizations Start with Better Control
For researchers and scientists who characterize materials, the world is becoming increasingly complete. But the solution isn’t. Our TGA 8000™ thermogravimetric analyzers give you complete control over your sample environment and deliver high throughput and reliability, even unattended.
Spectrum Two™ IR on the Move
With Spectrum Two™ from PerkinElmer, everyone can confidently perform fast, accurate IR analyses. Breaking new ground in operational simplicity, Spectrum Two is ideally suited to everyday analyses and will assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications.
LAMBDA™ 265/365/465 Make no mistake, it’s UV that everyone can use
New materials testing, research and development, analytical testing – the challenges in these and other key areas of manufacturing and academics are becoming more complex all the time. And so are most of the labs’ operations, with analysis of nanomaterials, metamaterials and other industrial materials development requiring global alignment on an unprecedented scale.

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