Analytical Consumables & Accessories Promotions

Analytical Consumables & Accessories Promotions

Enjoy great SAVINGS on a broad selection of products from Atomic Spectroscopy, Chromatography and Molecular Spectroscopy Consumables and Accessories which you can now buy at a discounted price**.

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Chromatography Consumables Offers

Chromatography Consumables Offers
Description Offer Promo Code Catalog Page No.****
GC and GC/MS Columns + All Gas Chromatography Consumables 35% DISCOUNT off your order when you purchase at least 1 GC column in the same order/shipment AMS3017GCC** 113-120
GC Headspace Vials 25% DISCOUNT off your order AMS3017HSP** 118-120
Ultra Clean Gas Filters and Base Plates FREE gas filer when you purchase an ultra clean base plate in the same order/shipment AMS3017UGF** 230

Analytical Consumables & Accessories Promotions

Atomic Spectroscopy Consumables Offers
Description Offer Promo Code Catalog Page No.****
Atomic Absorption Atomax™ Hollow Cathode Lamps 20% DISCOUNT off your order + FREE related chemical element 125 mL inorganic aqueous standard per lamp + FREE shipment AMS3017ATX** 19
Atomic Absorption Lumina™ Hollow Cathode Lamps*** for PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometers 20% DISCOUNT off your order + FREE related chemical element 500 mL inorganic aqueous standard per lamp + FREE shipment AMS3017LUM** 14-15
Sampler and Skimmer Cones for PerkinElmer ICP-MS 15% DISCOUNT off your order AMS3017CNS** 57

Atomic Spectroscopy Sample Introduction Components for PerkinElmer ICP-OES or ICP-MS

20% DISCOUNT when you purchase ICP-OES or ICP-MS torches, nebulizers, spray chambers, and injectors

AMS3017SIC** 34-45
Molecular Spectroscopy Consumables Offers

Currently there are no special offers for Molecular Spectroscopy consumables items.


Try our Universal columns today with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and return if you are not happy!

Are you using different types of HPLC columns from various manufacturers in your lab to cover all your application needs? Spending time and effort researching and coordinating purchases from different column suppliers?

Our Universal LC columns are designed as a solution to reduce the column management complexity in your lab, saving you time and money. This new HPLC column family covers a vast range of selectivity allowing you to easily replace your current LC column, while maintaining the same results and level of performance. Still not convinced?

Take advantage of this 30 day satisfaction guarantee* to switch to our NEW Universal HPLC columns for ANY HPLC instrument regardless of manufacturer in your lab today and immediately benefit from:

• Increased efficiencies with cost savings of up to 20%
• Match and find the columns you need quickly with online tool
• Simplified column management: one point of contact for all your columns
• Same or superior analysis results
• Wide choice of selectivity, dimensions and particle size
And much more…

For more information on Universal LC columns, to order and benefit from 30 day free trial and satisfaction guarantee email us at with your name and contact details.

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NEW Universal LC Columns For All Your Methods

Now - June 30, 2017


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PerkinElmer NEW Consumables Catalogue

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*Use of the promotion code is required at the time of your order to fix/include the 30 day free trial and satisfaction guarantee. AMSULC3016 must appear on the order with at least one Universal LC column to qualify. This 30 day free trial cannot be applied to prior orders or purchases. Provide your code when you place your next order. Only orders coming through email are applicable to the 30 day free trial and satisfaction guarantee. The offer is valid only on new Universal LC columns which you can search using the LC column finder tool at No quantity restrictions. If you need any help with identifying the right column for your method(s) please email Once you submit your order we will calculate 45 calendar days starting from the order submission date which include 30 days of the free trial and satisfaction guarantee plus additional 15 days as a security window for the column delivery time to your lab. Once received you will have 30 calendar days to evaluate and eventually return the column in case you are not satisfied with its’ performance. If you want to return the Universal LC column please email only for return instructions. Note that the back shipment charges need to be covered by you. Also as part of the return procedure you might be asked to supply the screenshot(s) of the chromatogram(s) which show/prove that the performance of our Universal LC column is not satisfying your needs or gives lower quality results comparting to the column you have been using. In that case, please note that this is mandatory in order to not be charged for the column(s) once the 45 days expire. If you do not return the column(s) or do not activate the return procedure by sending an email at within 45 calendar days from the date you submitted your order – you will receive the invoice for purchased goods and the shipment charge according to the order. Offer expires June 30th, 2017 which means that the last day to apply for the 30 day free trial and satisfaction guarantee offer on your order is December 30th, 2017. Other restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. Offer valid in Western Europe, Israel,Turkey and South Africa.

**Use of the promotion code is required to receive your discount. This offer cannot be combined with any other price discounts, volume purchase agreements, university programs, standing order discounts or other contract pricing. Discount cannot be combined with promotions available at time of instrument purchase. Provide this code to your PerkinElmer Representative when you place your next order or, on the web, enter the code into the Promotion Code field in the checkout screen. Discount valid only on select consumables and supplies from the following product lines: AA, ICP, ICP-MS, GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, UV, IR, Fluorescence, Raman, Thermal and Elemental. Promotion code AMS3017UGF for the ultra clean gas filters and base plates applies only to select plates with product numbers: N9306801, N9306800, N9306803, N9306802 and ultra clean gas filters with product numbers N9306814, N9306815, N9306816, N9306817, N9306818, N9306819, N9306820, N9306821, N9306822. Service parts, service contracts, training, software, software controllers and other products do not qualify for this offer. Discount cannot be applied to prior orders or purchases. Other restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. Offers valid in Western Europe. Offer expires 30th June 2017.

***Multi-Element Hollow Cathode Lumina Lamps with Multi-Element Standards are excluded from this promotion.

****Pages referenced are from the PerkinElmer Analytical Consumables and Supplies Catalog which can be viewed