Unite Vast Clinical Data and Optimize Discovery

Clinical Data Aggregation White Paper
Learn about:
  • The challenges for Sponsors and CROs when integrating a vast array of data sources
  • Typical relational database structures and why they don’t work for clinical analytics
  • Ideal clinical data aggregation solutions for continuous, automatic data consolidation

With larger, longer, and more complex clinical trials, along with more stringent regulatory requirements and oversight, integrating and managing the vast amounts of data arriving at a central integration point from many different trial sources has become a daunting task.

The good news is that innovations in clinical trial technology are underway, promising to improve trial efficiency, accuracy, and the bottom line. Sponsors and contract research organizations are seeking a more effective, comprehensive solution through a more-effective electronic data management strategy that includes an aggregated data repository solution with analytics and real-time access to the fully integrated data.

Clinical Informatics: So Much Data, So Little Time

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