Holistic Clinical Data Review in Real-Time: Reality or Utopia

Present-day technological advancements have enabled pharmaceutical organizations and CROs alike to collect data from patients in a multitude of methods. Clinical trial data is reviewed from the day the data is collected and on an ongoing basis for Safety and Drug Efficacy. Historically the way this data is facilitated varies from an organization to another – anywhere from a network drive holding some datasets in different source formats (such as Excel, SAS® datasets etc…) to an enterprise-scale clinical data warehouse that can take months if not years to conceptualize and implement.

Regardless of however the data is served to the clinical functional user, the traditional ways of file based network drives and warehouses usually tend to add a data-latency in bringing the data to the clinical business users such as Drug Safety, Medical monitors, statisticians and programmers.

Watch in this webinar how the new PerkinElmer’s solution for Holistic Clinical Data Review addresses the complexity and bring a user friendly mechanism to reduce “Time to Decision”. It will be discussed how this new solution eliminates or reduces elements in the workflow that may introduce data latency and/or overhead to the clinical data review process yet providing an automated and a repeatable process day-in and day-out of a clinical trial life cycle.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Get a 360 degree view into Patient Demographics, Adverse Events, Labs, Vitals/ECG Results, Concomitant Meds, and other safety domains
  • Optimize cross functional data surveillance
  • Answer key questions like “How can I review all of my subject’s safety data?” in an easy and real-time manner.
  • Improve operational effectiveness of IT, Programmers and everyone involved in the clinical data management operations.
Clinical Informatics: So Much Data, So Little Time

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