Precision Medicine Data Analytics and Visualization Tools: A Total Cost Comparison Study

Scientists involved in translational research at major pharmaceutical companies, and the IT departments that support them, have several options for integrating and analyzing translational data, but an evaluation of three approaches shows PerkinElmer’s Signals™ Translational is the most cost-effective for managing translational data in a complete precision medicine workflow. The goal of translational research is to develop “the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.” While this statement is simple, the reality of supporting it in practice requires significant effort. The collaboration between basic science and clinical research demands software solutions that can integrate, access, analyze, and visualize wide and disparate datasets, within and across firewalls, to bring new scientific discoveries to patients as quickly as possible.

In this whitepaper, we outline
  • Comparative costs of deploying a variety of Informatics Solutions for Translational Research
  • Typical precision medicine workflow
  • How to accelerate translational research using cloud based Informatics platform

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