What’s New in Signals Screening

What’s New in Signals Screening 2.4.1

Signals Screening is an intuitive, configurable, and flexible screening workflow processing engine on top of the unparalleled data visualization and analysis capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire®.

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December 2020: PerkinElmer Signals 2.5.1 -

Signals Screening 2.5.1 Released – official TIBCO Spotfire 10.10 LTS support

Signals Screening 2.5.1 continues our rapid progress on the core screening and SPR capabilities to support scientists doing testing work throughout all stages of life science product R&D, from early-stage assay development all the way through late stage testing. This release is focused around adding official support for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.10 LTS and for addressing specific targeted bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Curve Fitting and Calculations Explorer improvements. Signals Screening 2.5.1 adds several improvements to the settings that are stored with the CE templates including:

  1. Number formatting on Columns are saved
  2. The visibility states of all visualizations are saved
  3. Color schemes are captured and saved
  4. Curve fit results display includes a fit status “stop-light” and an improved results display
  5. Significant curve fit performance improvement during curve fit QA/QC
  6. Flexibility on the business rule to be used to knock out points automatically
SPR capability improvements
  1. New Referencing App – Supports referencing of different flow cells with different reference flow cells, improved Summary table visualization, and improved Sensorgram visualizations with additional information in the tooltips.

    Global Curve Fitting equations
    Fig 1: New Referencing App in Signals Screening 2.5.1

    Global Curve Fitting equations
    Fig 1: Flexible reference channel(s) selection

    Also included in this release are many additional smaller bug fixes, feature enhancements, and incremental improvements.

Product Compatibility

These applications require TIBCO Spotfire® 7.11 LTS, 10.3 LTS, or 10.10 LTS. Signals Screening is available for onsite deployment.

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August 2020: PerkinElmer Signals 2.5 +
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