What’s New in Signals™ VitroVivo

What’s New in Signals VitroVivo

Signals VitroVivo is an intuitive, configurable, and flexible workflow processing engine and data management system that includes the unparalleled data visualization and analysis capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire® .

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April 2022: PerkinElmer Signals™ VitroVivo 3.1 -

PerkinElmer Signals™ VitroVivo 3.1

What’s New

Release 3.1 introduces Signals Pipelines, automatically analyze datasets by running Signals VitroVivo workflows within the Signals Data Factory. Signals Pipelines increases the scale of datasets easily handled by Signals VitroVivo while the increased automation saves time.

In Vitro Apps

  • Tighter Signals Research Suite integration by using Signals Notebook authentication for Signals VitroVivo.
  • Additional controls for layout and content of reports.
  • Curve fitting improvements including easier access to QA tools as well as the ability to document the reason for point exclusion.
  • New SPR QA/QC App allows report points creation for any instrument as well as user defined thresholds to automatically exclude curves.

In Vivo Apps

  • Improvements to the data integrity checking across Apps.
  • Study Templates can now be cloned.
  • PK Parameters App calculation improvements.

Signals Inventa Release 3.1 Highlights

  • Reminder: Signals VitroVivo includes Signals Inventa and all its capabilities.
  • Integrate in vivo pharmacokinetic and in vitro efficacy data to calculate inhibition over time with the new Target Engagement Profile App. Identify the best drug candidates faster with the unique solution only available in Signals Inventa.
  • SmartCells allows custom aggregations and displays within the SAR Analysis App.
  • Configurable asset names allow custom terminology for more intuitive data handling.

Further Details

Signals Pipelines

  • Workflows can be exported as Signals Pipelines allowing large datasets to be analyzed automatically by user defined analysis methods. Signals Pipelines extends the scope of Signals VitroVivo by allowing analysis without the standard user interface. Large datasets (many files, large files, or both) can now be easily handled. This capability is available without losing the flexibility to easily adjust analysis methods by simply modifying the existing workflow and reexporting the now revised Signals Pipeline.
  • New out-of-the-box dataset review workflow imports data analyzed by Signals Pipeline, allows for quality checks, and publishes the revised results.


  • Workflow reports allow further customization including finer control of content and layout such as dedicating a page to each visualization.

Quick Start Guides

  • Easier access to documentation from help link in App store.

Curve Fitting Improvements

  • See list below for more information, but here are two with additional details:
    • Excluded datapoints now include annotations documenting who excluded them, when they were excluded, and why they were excluded. Customizable list of exclusion reasons ensures consistency while maintaining flexibility.
    • More options for IC50 definitions including absolute IC50.
  • Calculation Explorer
    • No need to press apply, calculation explorer templates now run automatically within workflows saving mouse clicks and time
    • QA interface opens automatically after curve fitting directing users to the next step
    • Template creator name saved within template for better tracking
    • Support for “Calculate and Replace Column” transformations
    • Support for “Change Data Types” transformations
    • Auto excluded datapoints include reason for exclusion
    • Revised user interface with easier to understand buttons and settings

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

  • New SPR QA/QC App allows custom report point creation for all supported SPR instruments. Report points can then be used to automatically exclude curves based on user defined thresholds.

Signals Inventa

  • New Target Engagement Profile App integrates in vivo pharmacokinetic and in vitro efficacy data to calculate inhibition over time. What previously took months now takes minutes with the unique solution only available in Signals Inventa.
  • SmartCell editor expands the information within the SAR Analysis App by allowing custom aggregations and displays. Preset templates are included for configuring standard deviation, range, count, and qualifiers.
  • Configurable entity names allow meaningful nomenclature for any application. One name pair per Inventa instance such as Compound/Batch, Antibody/Lot, or Formulation/Container.
  • Out-of-the-box measurement types are now included for the most common customer assays (4-Parameter Dose-Response).
  • New App icons for a more consistent look and feel across Signals VitroVivo.
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