What’s New in Signals™ VitroVivo

What’s New in Signals VitroVivo

Signals VitroVivo is an intuitive, configurable, and flexible workflow processing engine and data management system that includes the unparalleled data visualization and analysis capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire® .

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September 2022: PerkinElmer Signals™ VitroVivo 3.2 -

PerkinElmer Signals VitroVivo 3.2

What’s New

Signals VitroVivo 3.2 is focused on the integration with Signals Notebook and broad improvements across scientific domains:

In Vitro:

The functionality of the following Apps has been improved: Data Import, including SciStream, Grid Plate Editor, Editable Data Grid, Extensible Normalizations and the Calculations Explorer, with a broad range of enhancements. Importantly, the Apps can now natively consume and write back data from/to Signals Notebook. Finally, WebHelp support is now available for all the Apps.


The SPR Data Import and QA/QC Apps have been improved and an Out-of-the-Box workflow is now provided with example data and a how-to guide for a quicker onboarding experience.

In Vivo:

Of particular importance for large studies, for the first time the Signals Notebook integration enables concurrent editing. In addition, data capture improvements in the Vivarium make the process more efficient and painless. Finally, the PK Parameters App has been further refined and improved.


Compatible with Spotfire® 10.10LTS, 11.4LTS and now 12LTS.

A retention policy for deprecated Apps has been introduced.

Signals Notebook integration is more secure and the state of an Apps’ connection to the Signals Notebook is now readily visible on the App (the user can easily re-establish a connection if it is lost).

Further Details

Changes in Behavior in Signals VitroVivo 3.2


  • Name of the initial table created by the Apps is no longer “Data table”, as this was misleading
  • All R packages are now installed by the dependency manager. Users should run the dependency manager to ensure all R packages are installed or updated correctly

Calculations Explorer

  • When using a column parameter, it is now unambiguously shown as fixed

In Vivo

  • Connection with Signals Notebook required for the Study Designer, Baseline Capture and Sequence of Events Apps.

Deprecations of Apps

To avoid confusion and errors due to the use of unsupported Apps, starting in the next Signals VitroVivo version all deprecated Apps will be removed one version after their deprecation. This means any .dxp that contains deprecated Apps will need to be updated to the new version of the App(s) or regenerated without the deprecated App(s) if it will be opened in newer versions of Signals VitroVivo.

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