Geology & Mining eSeminar Series Library

Mining Solutions From Crust to Core

Thank you for your interest in the PerkinElmer library of eSeminars focused on the essential mining sample testing processes, technologies and techniques to help you increase your lab’s efficiency and accuracy no matter the phase of mining. From exploration to refining, our workshop library covers what your testing lab needs to be successful.

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On-Demand Library Recordings
  1. All You Need to Know About Geology & Mining Testing Equipment
  2. Good Results Begin with Good Sample Preparation
  3. Multi-Element Analysis of Copper-Gold Ore
  4. Precious Metal Analysis & The Importance of AA Technology in Mining
  5. Analysis of Impurities in Metals with ICP-OES
  6. Strategies for Improved Performance of Geochemical Analysis by ICP-MS
  7. Thermal and Elemental Analysis in Mining, Understanding Sample Composition
  8. Accurate Rare-Earth Element (REE) Analysis by ICP-MS
  9. Gemstone Analysis with Molecular Spectroscopic Techniques
  10. High Precision Element Analysis in Cathode Materials of Li-Ion Battery
  11. Laser Ablation in Mining, Simplified Sample Preparation

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