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Gas Chromatography Spring/Summer 2020

Spring/Summer 2020 Series
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VUV Analyzer™ Platform for Gasoline Analysis: ASTM D8071 or VHA™ May 19th, 2020 11:00 PT/ 1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET Dan Wispinski, VUV Analytics
Alan Gallaspy, Application Scientist
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Complete characterization of spark engine components in fuel streams requires the use of complex instrumental setups, long GC method run times and careful data analysis with a high degree of oversight. Enter in the VUV Analyzer Platform for fuels analysis which can do bulk analysis of PIONA compounds, certify finished gasoline with ASTM D8071 and is capable of Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis (VHA) which combines the automation and confidence of VUV spectroscopy with the level of details found with DHA.
Linking Vehicle Emissions to Gasoline Composition: A PMI Analysis Solution with GC VUV June 2nd, 2020 11:00 PT/ 1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET Dan Wispinski, VUV Analytics
Lee Marotta, Application Scientist
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Introduced by Honda, particulate matter index (PMI) is used by vehicle manufacturers to correlate gasoline composition to emissions. PMI is based on the cumulative chemical and physical properties of gasoline components derived from a complex and lengthy GC-FID Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis. A fast, accurate and automated PMI solution using GC-VUV and ASTM D8071 is presented.
Determination of Olefins in Condensate and Upgraded Bitumen by VUV June 16th, 2020 11:00 PT/ 1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET Chris Gross, InnoTech Alberta
Farshid Pashaee, Application Scientist
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This presentation will discuss the use of the VUV detector in relation to, detection, identification and deconvolution of olefins to achieve detection limits, method dynamic range and accuracy. Olefins and diolefins are studied because of the affect they can have in the transportation and stability of upgraded bitumen and refined products. Olefins are hard to identify by other analytical methods, and the VUV detector proved to be an excellent choice for the verification and identification of olefins.
Fast, Simultaneous Analysis of Chlorine and Fuel in Lubricants by Gas Chromatography June 23rd, 2020 11:00 PT/ 1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET Leeman Bennington, Application Scientist Register Here
Testing for fuels and organochlorinated components in used engine oil regularly can predict when equipment maintenance is required preventing unnecessary oil changes and costly engine damage. This presentation will explain a novel approach to measuring total organochlorides and fuels in oil in a tandem analysis requiring no sample preparation and a run time of ~3.5 minutes.
Featured Speaker

Dan Wispinski, VUV Analytics

Dan Wispinski is the Standard Methods Development Manager for VUV Analytics. In the years Dan has been with VUV, he has been instrumental in the development and publication of ASTM D8071 for gasoline, ASTM D8267 for jet fuel and the soon to be approved ASTM WK64297 for Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis. Dan’s tenure with multiple international standards boards has helped VUV complete multiple InterLaboratory Studies for each method in record time. Prior to joining VUV Analytics, Dan managed one of Canada’s top fuel testing research labs at InnoTech Alberta, formerly Alberta Research Council. Dan has almost 40 years of experience in refined fuel specifications, biofuels, crude oil and bitumen. He is chairman of the Canadian General Standards Board Petroleum Test Methods Committee and an active member of ASTM, CGSB, IASH, CEN and the Energy Institute Working Group 6.