On Demand Webinar: FT-IR reimaged New Technologies Available

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The PerkinElmer Spectrum 3™ is the gold standard in FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers, enabling laboratories to obtain the highest quality and most reproducible data with exceptional ease. A broad range of “plug-and-go” sampling accessories and software packages ensure the best solution for a range of applications. Whatever your specific laboratory requirements, the Spectrum 3 delivers best-in-class accuracy, precision and reliability ensuring the utmost confidence in your results.

PerkinElmer Spectrum 3 FT-IR spectrometers are built to the highest ISO-9001 manufacturing standards.

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In addition, to find out more information on the features of the SP3 you can access our on demand webinar and download the interactive brochure.

Unleash the Potential of FT-IR with the NEW Spectrum 3
Presented by:
Tomer Simovich (PhD) - Sr. Product Applications Specialist,
Materials Characterisation Platform (IR, UV-Vis, Thermal) PerkinElmer Pty Ltd Australia

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