Cell Painting – A Practical Approach

Cell Painting is a phenotypic screening method and a powerful application of high-content screening technology. In the cell painting process, specific cellular compartments and organelles are simultaneously stained with six fluorescent probes, followed by imaging and analysis to extract hundreds to thousands of features to phenotypically profile the cells and gain a deeper understanding of the effects of chemical, drug, or genetic perturbagens

Join our webinar to learn about the origins of the Cell Painting technique and its potential impact on drug discovery, as well as practical tips and tricks for success.

In our webinar you will learn how to:

  • Choose a cell model and optimize imaging parameters
  • Easily set up assays using pre-optimized reagents
  • Extract and analyze thousands of cellular features
  • Visualize multidimensional data and derive insights from your data analysis

Our Speakers

Joe Trask

North America HCS Product Line Leader, Cellular Imaging and Analysis, PerkinElmer
Joe Trask is responsible for strategic customer support through teaching, training, and collaborations. He brings over 20 years of experience in high content screening technology from academia, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Alexander Schreiner

Team Leader, Biological Applications Team, PerkinElmer, Hamburg, Germany
Alexander is responsible for developing applications and providing expert customer support for PerkinElmer’s high content screening systems. He holds a doctorate in Biology from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. 

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Date: Wednesday June 16th
Time: 3pm BST, 4pm CEST, 10am EDT

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