Atlas Research Suite Day

Join us for a half day event for all Atlas Ventures portfolio companies where the PerkinElmer Informatics team will present and demonstrate research informatics solutions designed to help you streamline your scientific workflows.
Also hear from your colleagues on how they have used data analytics and visualization to drive successful decisions.

Agenda At a Glance

ChemDraw Tips & Tricks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily search through disparate files and locations for your chemistry data, reuse and repurpose your work, and report on your chemistry research in a more efficient and streamlined way?
(30 min)

Capture & Share Experimental Data Effectively with a Cloud ELN

See how Signals Notebook a cloud native ELN can be the center of your digital transformation by enabling enhanced collaboration and providing improved workflows to drive informed decision making in your research.
(30 min)

Spotfire Biotech Bundle at Nimbus Therapeutics (Atlas Venture Guest Speaker)

Dr. Rebecca Carazza, Executive Director, Head of Information Systems, Nimbus Therapeutics
Hear how Nimbus Therapeutics has implemented the Spotfire Biotech Bundle into their Research Informatics ecosystem to enable researchers in their design of breakthrough medicines.

Screening Solutions: From Assay Development to HTS to In Vivo Analysis

Learn how Signals Screening unites assay development, low throughput to ultra-high throughput production assays, and in vivo studies allowing scientists to analyze across all assay and screening data in a single platform.
(20 min)

Advanced Chemical Structural and Biological Sequence Intelligence Analyses

Learn how Lead Discovery Premium can provide Spotfire powered solutions to study both Sequence activity and Structure Activity relationships
(30 min)

Easy Deployment and Licensing of Powerful Tools for Scientists

Hear how Spotfire, and Lead Discovery Premium can deployed via an Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifying installation and deployment across your organization.
(15 min)

Gain Insights into SAR with Guided Search and Analytics

See first hand how Signals Lead Discovery can bring together all their experimental results and explore the data using chemical structure, biological sequence and SAR tools for candidate evaluation and selection.
(30 min)

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DATE: May 25th, 2021


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