Live webinar recording: Implementation and Validation of a High-Precision, Non-NGS NIPT Platform

Technical Note

This Genomeweb webinar, sponsored by PerkinElmer, was arranged September 26, 2018. It provides a comprehensive overview of Vanadis®, an automated, high-precision non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) platform that does not rely on next-generation sequencing or PCR amplification, enabling precise measurement of chromosomal aneuploidies for high performance screening minimizing both false positives, false negatives and no-calls.

In this webinar, three speakers provide different perspectives on the Vanadis® NIPT platform and its implementation in the lab setting.
  • First, Fredrik Dahl, chief technology officer of Vanadis Diagnostics, a PerkinElmer Company, provides a brief outline on the system and discusses supporting clinical data on both high- and low-risk cohorts. Dr. Dahl provides details of how Vanadis differs from NGS-based NIPT systems as well as clinical proof-of-principle data.
  • Glenn Palomaki of the Alpert Medical School at Brown University provides an update on an external research study of the Vanadis system in the US. The study, called VALUE (Validation of a Lower Cost Aneuploidy Screen), aims to enroll 2,400 women from the general pregnancy population and 250 high-risk pregnancies. Along with screening performance characteristics (detection rate, false positive rate, and test failure rate), the study is collecting information on turn-around-time, costs of equipment and supplies, and needed training.
  • Finally, Jérémie Gautier of Cerba Xpert discusses a validation study using the Vanadis NIPT system. Dr. Gautier will outline his laboratory’s experience of the installation process, training, and the day-to-day activities involved in operating the system.

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