Better Gas Chromatography for Environmental Testing

Whether you are testing volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds to meet agency or industrial regulations, our new Clarus® 590 and 690 gas chromatography (GC) systems are the most reliable solution. Built to detect soil/vapor intrusions, air toxics and water contaminants - together with our expertise and support - it will solve your analytical challenges and improve your lab workflow.

Discover how the new Clarus® GC instruments enable the superior sensitivity and throughput you need for your most critical applications – with flexibility to deal whatever comes your way.

  • Better versatility with TurboMatrix headspace and thermal desorption sample-handling options, including the new MultiPrep Autosampler
  • Better characterization, and fewer reruns with a wide-range flame ionization detector (FID) to meet challenging European regulations
  • Greater sensitivity and efficiency with our high performance capillary injector
  • Higher throughput with our patented high performance oven for shorter injection-to-injection times enabling to run more samples each day
  • Easy integration to our mass spec detector and TGA

Learn more about the capabilities of the new Clarus 590/690 GC platforms!

Simply complete the form and download the 'Determination of Sulfur Compounds in Air by Online TD-GC/FPD' application note along with the Clarus 590/690 brochure and various Clarus GC material. 

Application Note

Determination of Sulfur Compounds in Air by Online TD-GC/FPD