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With the rapid growth of the nanotechnology market, the need for modern characterization techniques for nanomaterial analysis is increasing. This webinar illustrates some typical applications of thermal analysis and its coupling with FT-IR and GC/MS, along with various examples. Thermal analysis is a group of analytical techniques that measure the physical properties of a material (i.e. heat flow, mass, dimension) as a function of temperature. The evolved gases from a TGA experiment can be analyzed by FT-IR and GC/MS for identification and quantification, which allows more comprehensive characterization of the nanomaterials. These state-of-the-art interfacing techniques will be discussed.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Characterization of nanomaterials with Thermal Analysis: DMA, DSC, TGA, and STA
  • Interfacing and coupling techniques for hyphenating the TGA or STA with FT-IR and GC/MS
  • Overview of various applications analyzing divers advanced materials/nanomaterials with the hyphenated techniques
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