What’s New in ChemDraw 17.1

This webinar will highlight the many new features of ChemDraw 17.1. Over a million scientists rely on ChemDraw to visualize their research and efficiently create publication-ready, scientifically meaningful drawings of molecules, reactions, biological entities and pathways. Dr. Pierre Morieux, ChemDraw product manager, will demonstrate the latest features and benefits of the product then take questions from viewers.

  • New Hotkeys: redefining chemical drawing in a faster and smarter way
  • HELM toolbar: easily represent and define complex biomolecules
  • MNnova ChemDraw Edition: processing for the primary needs of today’s organic chemist
  • Signals Notebook Individual Edition: easily capture, collaborate and search for your chemical experimental data.
  • Facilitated chemical structure copy/pasting: Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V just got even more powerful.
  • Improvement to Name to Structure and Structure to Name functions: You asked for it and we delivered. Label your atoms with a IUPAC name-based numbering scheme
  • CAS RN to Structure from ChemACX.com: Enter a CAS Registry Number and retrieve the corresponding structure from ChemACX.com, PerkinElmer’s database of commercially available compounds
  • ChemDraw Add-ins: extend the functionality of ChemDraw by building your own Javascript-based add-ins
  • ChemDraw JS: embed ChemDraw inside your custom web applications.
About Our Speaker
Pierre Morieux
Ph.D., ChemDraw Global Marketing Manager, PerkinElmer Informatics, and ChemDraw Wizard

Pierre Morieux is the ChemDraw Global Marketing Manager at PerkinElmer where he started work in 2013 as a Chemistry Field Application Scientist after a Ph.D. and Postdoc in organic and bioorganic chemistry. He is also known as ChemDraw Wizard on YouTube. Connect on LinkedIn

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