Data Preparation with TIBCO Spotfire®

Data Wrangling and Data Preparation have emerged as key topics in the world of Information Management and Business Analytics. These terms appear frequently with little information on how to efficiently incorporate them in day to-day data analysis workflows.

The industry has developed a powerful range of tools to store data and an equally powerful range of tools to analyze data. However, to date, there has not a been significant amount of focus on careful preparation and active manipulation of this data to allow for more thorough approaches to business analytics.

This webinar will provide a foundation for understanding the critical importance of Data Wrangling in the data visualization life-cycle.

Topics Include:
Learn more about
  • Data Wrangling basics
  • Data Wrangling vs. Data Preparation
  • Current Challenges with Data
  • Types of “Bad” Data
  • Common Data Wrangling Tasks

Bob Moore,
Global Marketing Manager, Analytics
PerkinElmer Informatics

Bob Moore is the Director of Worldwide Field Application Scientists at PerkinElmer. He has over 15 years of Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Data Wrangling experience. Data Wrangling, in conjunction with visual analytics tools including the TIBCO Spotfire Platform, has been an area of focus for him over the last decade. He understands the value, need, and best practices around the process of data preparation as a critical step in the data visualization life-cycle.

On-Demand Webinar