Signals™ Notebook Quarterly Connect+

Join us for the first of our Signals Notebook Quarterly Connect events. This ongoing Signals Notebook community series will be an opportunity for you to learn about newly added Signals Notebook functionality and hear how others are using Signals Notebook to improve productivity and data transparency through enhanced collaboration.

November 16th Overview -
  • Streamlined workflows for Assay Data Processing: From Signals Notebook to Signals VitroVivo presented by Jeff Kumer, Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer Informatics.
  • Signals Notebook Continuous Improvement Program: Contributing to our roadmap presented by Anne Ballard, Signals Notebook Product Manager – Customer Success, PerkinElmer Informatics.
  • Open Office Hours.
PerkinElmer Informatics Speakers
Linda Kewitsch Jeff Kumer
Field Application Scientist

Jeff Kumer is a member of the Field Application Scientist team at PerkinElmer Informatics. Prior joining PerkinElmer, Jeff studied Physiological science and Biomechanics in the University of California education system. Jeff has 11 years of experience in the biotech industry, performing many different types of in vivo models and ex vivo assays for 4 different biotech companies and UCSF. Then, Jeff worked for 11 years as a subject matter expert at an in vivo study management software company, managing customer relationships and assisting in the development of software suite from the scientists’ perspective.
Anne Ballard Anne Ballard
Signals Notebook Product Manager – Customer Success

Anne Ballard is a product manager for Signals Notebook focusing on Customer requested enhancements to core functionality. Prior to her work at PerkinElmer, she worked building software solutions to connect laboratories with their clinical clients. She has a background in molecular biology and genetics and earned a Masters in biology from American University.
August 24th Overview +
May 24th Overview +