Spotfire Quarterly Connect+

Join us for this ongoing Spotfire Quarterly Connect+ community series and learn how you can go beyond and get more out of your data using PerkinElmer Informatics' Spotfire powered solutions. Connect with industry experts and colleagues that will help you gain critical insights from scientific data to drive data-driven decisions in real time.

December 7 Session Overview -
  • Practices in Visual Analytics
  - Design for human perception
  - Patterns, Estimation, Inference
  - Time and Space
  • Lead Discovery focused Visual Analytics
  - Structure Rendering
  - Structure Search
  - R-Group Decomposition
  • Spotfire Tips and Tricks
  • Spotfire Office Hours
Michael O’Connell Michael O’Connell
Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO

Michael O'Connell leads the TIBCO Data Science team, a group of ~30 data science experts and practitioners. This team delivers an evolving set of AI-Apps and Tech Tools across the analytics life cycle and multiple industries. This includes Spotfire Mods, Data Functions and AI Apps in science, engineering, manufacturing, customer and marketing analytics. Michael received his Ph.D. in Statistics at North Carolina State University. He has been working on statistical software applications for the past 30 years. His 2012 book ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tables’ is devoted to best practices visual analytics, with focus on data from life sciences.
Neil Kanungo Neil Kanungo
Data Science Manager, TIBCO

Neil Kanungo specializes in data visualization, real-time analytics, IoT, and geoanalytics. Using the full suite of TIBCO’s Analytics portfolio, he helps organizations surmount their biggest challenges. Outside of software, Neil takes a special interest in operationalizing analytics across organizations and building analytics adoption within teams. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University with degrees in Radiation Physics and Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor sports, hiking with his dog, and live music.
Don Sullivan Don Sullivan
Principal Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer Informatics

Don joined PerkinElmer Informatics after 11 years at TIBCO Spotfire where he helped build their clinical practice and worked with both life sciences research and development customers. Prior to joining PKI, he worked in pre-sales consulting and pre-sales management positions at TIBCO Spotfire, Zephyr Health, Cytobank, Ingenuity, Incyte Genomics and Proteome. Before moving over to the software world, he was research scientist at Mitotix, Inc. Don earned his PhD in Cell Biology at Cornell which was followed by a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton.
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