NEW PerkinElmer Universal LC Columns

Are you using different types of HPLC columns from various manufacturers in your lab to cover all your application needs? With our new Universal HPLC column line, you can now move to just one column supplier. Our Universal HPLC columns are designed as a solution to reduce the column management complexity in your lab, saving you time and money. This new HPLC column family covers a vast range of selectivity allowing you to easily replace your current LC column, while maintaining the same results and level of performance.

  • Increased efficiencies with cost savings of up to 20%
  • Match and find the columns you need quickly with online cross reference tool
  • Simplified column management: one point of contact for all your columns
  • Comparable or superior analysis results
  • Wide choice of selectivity, dimensions and particle size

Find the column that’s right for you!

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