Live Webinar - High Content Phenotypic Analysis for Live Cell 2D and 3D for Infectious Disease  

Get the sensitivity and throughput you need to image more samples and analyze more parameters with high content screening. Our high content screening solutions help you answer the most complex biological questions. With powerful yet simple imaging and analysis capabilities for a wide range of applications - from basic research to assay development and screening - these powerful high content screening microscope systems produce the highest possible image quality to take your research further, in less time than ever before, especially when combined with PerkinElmer's robotic systems and advanced data analytics.

Featured topics
  • Fixed cell assays
  • Live cell assays
  • Complex cellular models
  • FRET - Advanced assays: a powerful tool for investigating conformational changes and protein-protein interactions
  • Robust Phenotypic fingerprinting
  • 3D microtissue / spheroid imaging & analysis

Webinar details

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time : 2:30 PM IST

Speaker: Eby John, Senior Product Specialist at PerkinElmer

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