Webinar: Pixels to Data - Quantitative Cell Biology using High-Content Imaging and Analysis

In this webcast we discuss the value that high-content imaging and analysis can bring to your cell biology research program.

We describe how you can exploit the full potential of automated microscopy to gain more meaningful information to address biological questions from your cellular samples whilst improving your lab’s throughput, productivity, and overall efficacy. We show solutions to the challenges of interrogating more physiologically relevant and complex cell model systems, such as co-cultures, 3D cell models, and tissues.

The presenter gives a brief history of the technology as well as examples of its use to study cell biology, the workflows, and best practices. You will also learn about computer-assisted image analysis tools to interrogate cell populations at the single-cell pixel level.

Joe Trask
Senior Field Applications Scientist,
Jacob Tesdorpf, Ph.D.
Portfolio Director,
During this webcast you will learn:
  • The typical workflow of high-content imaging and analysis
  • How to get quantitative information from your cellular samples
  • How high-content analysis can improve your lab’s throughput and productivity
  • The power of single-cell multi-parametric data generation for complex biologies
  • Best practices to help ensure success

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