In vivo imaging of drug-induced liver injury using NIR fluorescent imaging agents

On Demand Webinar on drug induced liver injury using non-invasive optical imaging for in vivo toxicology determination

Drug induced liver injury (DILI) is a major reason for late stage termination of drug discovery research projects, so assessment is being integrated earlier in the drug development process. In vivo optical imaging offers non-invasive detection of a variety of biological changes associated with disease and treatment in preclinical animal models, and this approach is also ideal for in vivo toxicology determination.  We applied near infrared (NIR) imaging techniques to the detection and quantification of liver toxicity in living mice, using a variety of NIR fluorescent imaging agents.

Presenter   At a Glance

Dr. Jeffrey D. Peterson
Director Applied Biology and In Vivo Discovery Services, PerkinElmer

Examples of non-invasive, live optical imaging for assessing potential compound liver injury in early drug discovery programs will be discussed.


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Original broadcast date: May 28, 2014
Duration: 48 minutes