Accelerating Therapeutic Development Through PET and Optical Preclinical Imaging


This on demand webinar covers therapeutic and diagnostic developments through innovations in preclinical molecular imaging. Pioneering leaders from a prominent academic institution and biotech company will cover topics in using molecular imaging for disease profiling, molecular targeting and biodistribution studies.


Anna M. Wu, Ph.D.
Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

“Accelerating therapeutic development through molecular imaging technologies”
The development and implementation of molecularly targeted therapeutics is critically dependent on the availability of corresponding molecular diagnostics in order to profile disease biology and assess treatment responses. Non-invasive imaging is providing increasingly powerful tools to monitor specific molecular targets, pathways, and events in vivo, providing essential information complementary to laboratory assays.  Examples of the use of molecular imaging to profile disease, assess biodistribution delivery of targeted therapeutics, and monitor treatment mechanisms and responses will be discussed.

Charles Glaus, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Amgen, Inc.

“FLT and FDG PET imaging for non-invasive, early assessment of tumor response to MDM2-p53 disruption using a novel MDM2 inhibitor”
Potent, selective, and orally available small molecule inhibitors of the p53 regulator MDM2 represent a promising class of therapeutics.  The evaluation of two clinically available PET tracers, FDG and FLT, for their ability to monitor early response to treatment with a novel MDM2 inhibitor will be highlighted.

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Original broadcast date Sept 4, 2014
Duration: 62 minutes