Novel PET radiochemistries: Improving understanding and detection of disease

On Demand Webinar

In this webinar the presenters discussed novel radiochemistry approaches their groups are employing to gain further understanding of disease development and progression. Dr. DeGrado highlighted a new cell labeling technique that allows longitudinal imaging of cell trafficking over the course of weeks in a quantitative, non-invasive manner. Dr. Schibli discussed how radiochemistry efforts have led to the development of several new radioisotopes for in vivo imaging applications and therapeutic intervention.

During this webinar, the speakers discussed:

  • Emerging applications in the field of preclinical PET imaging
  • How the G-Platform enabled the development of novel PET imaging agents

Timothy DeGrado, PhD
Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic
Roger Schibli, PhD
Associate Professor, ETH Zurich


Original Broadcast Date:
June 15, 2016

Duration: 1 hour