Who Says There are No Shortcuts to Great Chemistry?
What´s New in ChemDraw 17!

Now more than ever with ChemDraw® and ChemOffice 17, you can spend less time drawing and more time conducting and capturing your research, whether you are a chemist or a biochemist.

This webinar will showcase the powerful new ways to draw organic molecules amazingly fast and so much more.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Draw your molecules and reactions dramatically faster with ChemDraw’s new hotkeys
  • Use the HELM format, including the new HELM toolbar, and know how to define custom biopolymers
  • Use MNova ChemDraw Edition to process NMR and MS spectra incredibly quickly
  • Capture and search your chemistry research data using PerkinElmer Signals™ Notebook
This webinar is intended for new and seasoned users, as well as for researchers working on biomolecules who are looking for ways to process analytical spectra or for an electronic laboratory notebook.
About Our Speaker
Pierre Morieux Pierre Morieux
Ph.D., ChemDraw Global Marketing Manager, PerkinElmer Informatics, and ChemDraw Wizard

Pierre Morieux is the ChemDraw Global Marketing Manager at PerkinElmer where he started work in 2013 as a Chemistry Field Application Scientist after a Ph.D. and Postdoc in organic and bioorganic chemistry. He is also known as ChemDraw Wizard on YouTube.
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