Live webinar recording: Universal access to NIPT: Cost-effective and precise cell-free DNA testing

This webinar has been recorded during the ESHG 2020 virtual event on June 8th. The goal is to hear from your peers about their laboratory experience with Vanadis® NIPT, an automated, non-sequencing cell-free DNA testing platform.
  • Technology and laboratory validation for the Vanadis® clinical test:
    Dr. Alka Chaubey, PerkinElmer Global Genomic Laboratories, USA
  • User experience/Clinical study with Vanadis® NIPT system:
    Prof. Barbara Pasini, University of Turin, ITALY
Prof. Barbara Pasini
 Prof. Barbara Pasini Chairman of the Medical genetics unit at the University Hospital “Città della Salute e della Scienza” in Turin and professor of Medical genetics at the University of Turin, Department of Medical Sciences, ITALY
Dr. Alka Chaubey
Dr. Alka Chaubey PhD, FACMG Head of Cytogenomics and Laboratory Director, PerkinElmer Global Genomic Laboratories, USA

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