Vanadis® cfDNA Platform - Built for All Labs

Regional and small labs across the country are choosing to replace the “complex” with the “efficient”. At PerkinElmer, we’re excited to show you how.

The support from the Vanadis team was incredible. We always had partners at our side when we needed assistance with something. In the end, we really feel comfortable and satisfied with the product that we've produced in our lab.

Matthew L. Saidel MD
Chief Medical Officer, Women’s Health Connecticut, USA

Why Vanadis?

  • Easy-to-Use: requires no genetic expertise and only one lab technician to operate
  • Cost-Effective: No hidden costs consistent across sequencing and microarray NIPT technologies
  • Precise: Able to detect small chromosome variations, Vanadis minimizes the no-call rate

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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