Achieving Clinical Operations Excellence


Running effective clinical trials is difficult at best. Information on trial progression (i.e., enrollment, budget and milestones) is typically not readily available and easily accessible to study management teams. With almost 80% of clinical trials failing to meet enrollment timelines, proper oversight of clinical development operations is imperative. Traditional reporting methods can be slow, cumbersome and too time consuming to use, and as a result, clinical portfolios can be mismanaged, or not managed at all, costing companies valuable time and resources, and in the worst case, compliance issues.

To enable clinical operations excellence, PerkinElmer solutions for clinical operations provide timely information and actionable insight that enables optimal study startup, budget and milestone tracking.

In this White Paper, you will learn how PerkinElmer's clinical solutions give clinical operations organizations the unprecedented ability to reduce the time, cost and risk of running clinical trials while accelerating the time to market for products across the entire portfolio of clinical candidates.

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