Turn chemical drawings into knowledge with ChemDraw & ChemOffice+ Cloud v20


How many hours do you spend putting together chemistry reports and presentations?

Today’s chemists face countless administrative tasks that impede their ability to spend time on what matters most: Chemistry. Repetitive copying and pasting from one application to another, manually entering experimental information, and spending time on non-science related tasks cause chemists to lose valuable time to research and share their work with peers.

Designed with chemistry in mind, ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ Cloud v20 enable chemists to spend more time making breakthrough discoveries and less time drawing and reporting.

Pierre Morieux (ChemDraw Global Marketing Manager, PerkinElmer Informatics) will demonstrate how you can:

  • Effortlessly create beautiful, publication-worthy drawings
  • Search for chemical structures within Google Patents
  • Easily find chemical structures buried deep in your files
  • Create lists from new and repurposed chemical data

Watch this On Demand Webinar to learn how powerful capabilities in the latest release of ChemDraw and ChemOffice + Cloud v20 will dramatically increase your productivity and accelerate the communication of your chemistry research.

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